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Rick Lacey   Anti-BP Author/Speaker

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Although we no longer send automated Free Reports, you are invited to contact Rick directly to request any of the following by email.

BP Statements and BP Advertising: Spin or Outright Lies?

Report analyzes 15 statements from BP advertising campaigns and provides your answers.  It would be a fun exercise, but the topic is serious, DEADLY SERIOUS!  Report will arrive as soon as you sign up or as soon as you order the book.

The BP Corollary quotes: Fact or Fiction?

50 Quotes are Listed to Prove that Fact is certainly stranger than Fiction.  This report will arrive 10 days after you receive your book.

BP Commitment to the Gulf: Don't Feel Too Special Down There!

Report takes a look at the long list of BP's Advertised Commitments.

We Let the Criminal Control the Crime Scene!

​Report examines the reasons we did not see Live Reports from the Gulf Coast on our Nightly News during the BP Oil Spill?

Why The BP Corollary is the ONLY way to beat BP

Report examines the stranglehold BP and the oil industry have over Congress.

Letters to the President and all the 2016 Presidential Candidates

There is still hope President Obama will do the right thing and adopt The BP Corollary if enough American Citizens demand it.  However, the thrust of the letter-writing campaign is to force the 2016 Presidential Candidates to go on record as to whether or not they support The BP Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.  Letters will show up in your inbox as they are written.

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It could be anything: Radio/TV Interview Announcements, Speaking Engagements, Facebook Posts, BP News the Controlled Media Failed to Report, Celebrity Endorsements, Rights Sales, Political Support for The BP Corollary, Progress Updates, etc.