Rick Lacey   Author/Ghostwriter

Rick Lacey, Author/Ghost Writer

BP Gassed American Citizens and Poisoned the Gulf of Mexico

If a Foreign Country would have done it - it would have been considered an attack on America and an Act of War

If a Foreign Army at War would have done it - it would have been considered a War Crime

Why are we permitting a Foreign Corporation to get away with it?__________________________________________

Many who were gassed are already sick and dying.  Few are likely to live past age 50.  All signed contracts forbidding them to tell their stories.

Marine life in the Gulf is dying, and it is unlikely the Gulf itself will ever recover.


The above truths about the aftermath of what we are calling the "BP Oil Spill" are so horrific that we as a nation do not want to admit it happened much less confront it and deal with it.

As a former BP insider observing BP actions after the explosion, the following is what I deduced.

BP decision makers watching the camera feeds showing oil blowing out into the gulf at a rate of 60,000 to 110,000 barrels a day and facing per-barrel fines of between $250 million and $470 million per day for an indeterminate amount of time made the decision to lie about the size of the blowout and make the oil disappear.

Lying was the easy part.  Americans would believe anything they heard often enough on television.  Making the oil disappear would be problematic.  It involved pumping toxic chemicals down to the blowout where they would mix with and disperse the oil.  The oil that surfaced would be sprayed with the same toxic chemicals.  Oil that reached the shore would be subject to the fines.

The plan would reduce fines from a maximum of $470 million per day to just $4.3 million per day.

There would be collateral damage, but dollar awards from inevitable lawsuits would be insignificant and years into the future compared to the $466 million per day saved immediately.

As a former BP Senior Financial Analyst, I stand ready to defend the above allegation at any time.

My book tells the story and offers the solution for our country.  The BP Corollary is both the name of the book and the end for BP.

The Book BP does NOT want you to Read

Author, Rick Lacey

​The BP Oil Spill cried out for a book with the ability to expose the corruption within the company.  As a former BP insider and novelist, I was uniquely qualified to write that book.

In the process of researching the novel, I learned that BP was able to spread the corruption to our government, media, scientific and academic institutions, and courts.  The only avenue left to obtain justice for the Gulf and its residents was to take the case directly to the people.

Toward that end, I am proposing and advocating the adoption of The BP Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine which would extend the doctrine to Foreign Corporations so it can be used by our President to force BP to divest its US assets, pay all claims and restitution, and get out of our hemisphere forever.

The novel takes its name from my proposal. For a more detailed explanation of the doctrine and the corollary please follow this link:

The BP Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

Once the truth is out there, it is my hope that public outrage will force our President to adopt the corollary and exact justice on BP.
Click the book cover above to open the Amazon.com listing in a new window to read reviews, look inside the book, and purchase the 424-page paperback. The eBook is just $1.99 when you buy the paperback.
Click the book cover above to open the Amazon.com listing in a new window to read reviews, look inside the book, and purchase the eBook at Amazon's Price.

The eBook is available through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Apple iBooks in addition to Kobo, Flipart, Oyster, and Scribd.  The 424-page paperback is available from Amazon, B&N, and Create Space.  Both are sold directly from this website.  Don't wait for the movie!  Don't wait for the next BP disaster!  Read The BP Corollary!

Written as a Novel to Expose the Truth without a BP Lawsuit