This page is a little dry, but we didn't all pay close attention in history class and it's important that we get our arms around the concept.

Until this incident, the world had comes to terms with the fact that you don't mess with the United States, so we haven't had to pull out The Monroe Doctrine in years.

In today's world, corporations are bigger and financially stronger than governments and can use their enormous influence over government officials to literally get away with murder.  In BP's case; mass murder.

We must expand The Monroe Doctrine to include foreign corporations. By so doing, we will have the leverage we need to punish BP and to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again in America.

Listen to the Giant Killer above or read the text below . . . or both.

President Kennedy had the courage. Does President Obama? We would never tolerate a foreign government doing this in America.  Why are we allowing a foreign corporation to get away with it?

Should the Monroe Doctrine apply equally to foreign corporations as it does to foreign governments?
Would President Kennedy have permitted a Russian corporation to put missiles in Cuba?

Is it within President Obama’s authority to extend the Monroe Doctrine to foreign corporations and use it to force BP to divest its American assets, pay all claims and restitution, and leave our hemisphere, forever?

Rick Lacey   Author/Ghostwriter

If we had already put The BP Corollary into place as the policy of the United States ahead of the BP Oil Spill, there is no way BP would have made the decision to lie about the size of the spill and sacrifice American lives to cover it up.

BP would have recovered the oil from the surface of the Gulf 40 miles out at sea, paid the smaller per-barrel fine, and kissed our collective ass in order to stay in operation in the United States.

To insure that it happens just that way the next time, it is my intent to make this a 2016 Presidential Campaign Issue.

 The road to the White House goes through the Gulf Coast and The BP Corollary.

Thanks for listening and reading.